Broken Springs

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Repairing broken springs

Your Garage door springs broke again? You’re not the only one. Repairing broken springs are one the most requested tasks from our customers; but why? The springs of your garage door are essential for its well functioning, but springs do have a finite life. Because of the time, the use they’re given, the poor installment or even the material they are made of influence their lifespan dramatically. If the springs of your garage door are too tight, the tension can cause them to break sooner than later, and if they’re too loose, the system won’t work properly. For your tranquility, in Sammamish Garage Door Repair we know our way around these annoying springs.

When an expert does their job, the results are noticeably different from amateurs, even if you don’t have knowledge in the field they are working on. Sammamish Garage Door strives to give their customers the best, so they can experience what real quality work looks like. We have years of experience in handling garage doors and the great attention we have provided our community has made us stand out from the crowd.

Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs

The torsion springs are one-if not the most important- part of your garage door system. In order for your garage door to work properly, these springs must be able to lift the heavy weight of your door, when the springs are correctly installed and calibrated perfectly, your doors open and close with ease, making your life that much easier.

At Sammamish Garage Door Repair, we strongly advise you not to try and fix these springs on your own, since these can incur in serious injuries.  These should always be repaired or replaced by professionals. As owners the best thing you can do is to pay attention to the signals your system gives you that indicate it is time for a replacement; you may notice that as time goes by, your garage door doesn’t open as smoothly as it used to, if it makes noises out of the ordinary, we advise you call Sammamish Garage Door Repair technicians to have a look at it. We also recommend not to replace only one spring at a time, since both of them work together to function. Don’t fall for false offers of companies that assure they sell springs that last a lifetime; they’re frauds.

Extension Spring

Extension spring

If you have less space in your garage and focus more on durability, you should definitely consider getting an extension spring; these provide strength, they are smaller and also last up to three years of regular use. Although they do last longer than most springs, they do have a breaking point; we insist you pay attention to what the noises in your system indicate and act accordingly. Sammamish Garage Door Repair ensures to give you their best every time our team provides you a service and extension springs are one of them.  Granted, these springs have a particular calibration that must be preformed only by professionals, but they will allow you keep your mind off fixing your system for a very considerable period of time.

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