• Garage Door Service Sammamish
    We install garage doors
    faster & simpler than ever
    Garage door Service Sammamish extends you the invitation to take a look at all
    what we have in stock for you. Find out all the options we have in stock for you
    to custom your garage door by deciding from the beautiful selection in stock.
    Use the pattern, size and colors that better suit you and your home.
  • Garage Door Repair Sammamish
    Garage Doors
    Garage door Service Sammamish understands how important it is for you to make a good investment
    on the type of garage door you buy, that it must give you just the right style and provide you the security
    to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Sammamish Garage door Service makes sure you make the
    best out of your money and get what you want and need regarding your garage door. To this end, we have
    enabled a team of experts that area to your disposition to guide you while you pick out of our exclusive
    variety of materials to make your own customized door from scratch. We mold to your needs and home
    requirements making sure that what you envision is what you get.
  • Sammamish Garage Door Service
    Repair your damagedgarage doors
    If your current garage door isn't all that bad and you decide it can be repaired
    instead of replaced, we can also do it for you, just give us a call and we will
    send our technicians to evaluate it and repair it so you can enjoy it for a little longer.
Garage Door Service in Sammamish: (425) 209-0756

Garage Door Service Sammamish

Install a new garage door

We have the best hardware and the highest technology to go with it; that way we can combine what you want and what you need into the perfect garage door for you.

Garage Door Sammamish, WA

Garage Door Openers

Sammamish Garage Doors has the greatest variety of garage door openers so you can choose the one that best suits you and your particular needs. More than just provide the materials, we are also the best garage opener installing company in the country.

Garage Door Service Sammamish

Repair your Damaged Door

Having your best interest in mind, Sammamish Garage door Service has enabled a 24 hour emergency service to take care of any problem that could occur to your garage door any time, anywhere. We also offer you a free of charge guarantee with all our repairing services.

Sammamish Garage Doors

Sammamish Garage Doors has a team of specialists ready to attend your needs in record time with just a call; contact us, tell one of our experts your problem and stay worry-free for they will surely give you an opportune response to your problem. We can also provide an estimated cost of the service you require from us by means of a phone or online consultation; this saves you the trouble of having to leave your home or waiting for someone to take a look. Just like that, you’ll have the response to all your problems. We always offer our clients the best and ensure to deliver quality work on time, every time. Sammamish Garage door Service is your number one option when it comes to garage doors, we take care or servicing, replacing and repairing all types of doors no matter size, place or time. Here at Sammamish Garage door Service we understand the value of your privacy and your time, that’s why we train our workers to do their job efficiently and effectively, and over all, to be discreet. Get know our stock by going to our online gallery or visiting us in person, we guarantee there will be something you like.

If you want to replace your door, repair it of fix a system problem, Sammamish Garage door Service is no doubt what you require.

Worn and frayed cables are an everyday task our experts deal with; make your current door work as good as new with our repairing services.

In Sammamish Garage Doors, we understand that every person has different needs, so we make sure to pay attention to our client’s requests and work along with them to end up with a stunning outcome. We offer a variety of services you can choose from; but what we can assure is that quality work will be delivered every time.

Sammamish Garage Doors are also manufacturers; which allows us to give you unbeatable prices when it comes to… well, just about everything that has to do with garage doors.

To ensure your happiness every time we perform a service for you, Sammamish Garage door Service extends you a guarantee that covers any eventuality that can occur during or after our services. Just to make sure you’re happy.

We deliver excellence in our work. We make you want to keep hiring us, not only because of the quality of our products, but also that of the service we give you. For us, to keep your style on your garage door is something important, that why we have in stock a little bit for each individual person. We offer a great variety of woods if what you like is a more conservative and traditional look or sturdy clean-finished metal alternatives if you like a more futuristic style.

Don’t choose only by style, Sammamish Garage door Service always reaches the minimum closure and insulation requirements asked for each location we work. Because we know that each location has different needs, our experts recommend and also provide a brief examination of the place you want to secure with us. This way we give you the best in safety and style at your home or business. Our commitment is to our clients, wherever you need our help, we will be there to offer you a rapid and effective response to your problem.

Garage Door Service in Sammamish

This is us

We want to make Sammamish a better place. In order to do so, we don’t fall behind in technology. We make sure that our teams are aware and ready to use different techniques for installments and repair jobs. By being updated with all of this, we make sure that no one can ever provide you a better service than the one we have given you. If one thing’s certain, it’s that Sammamish Garage door Service will always offer you the best.


We work with the best providers across the country so we can offer you the best in the market. We have whatever you need to guarantee your satisfaction. We have a special something for every style and personality.


Every location demands a different thermal containment, that’s why we make sure to meet the standards required everywhere we go.


All our garage door openers are top quality, and are surely good enough to lift heavy weights, but there is such thing as an opener for each type of door, so we strive to give you the best option possible. We also have in stock a great variety of alternative power suppliers in cases of emergency in stock.

Reasonable Service

We make sure you pay only for what you need and not for unnecessary things.

Trustworthy Services

We know the worth of time, so we strive to arrive at the time we promise.

Experts Services

Only experts do all the work for you.

Clients Testimonials

  • Stephen Matthews

    Who would’ve known an installment could be done so easily? Once the experts started, they never stopped. Sammamish Garage door Service really does give what they offer; I had my new door in no time. I will definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

  • Rachel Adams

    I had no idea where to start from when I wanted a customized door; luckily I counted with the help of the specialized team form Sammamish Garage door Service to help me out; when we finished; it was the most beautiful door ever.

  • Richard Jones

    When my garage door started making funny noises, I thought there was no other solution for it other than replacing the whole thing. Thanks to Sammamish Garage door Service, I saved a lot of money after the team inspection it and noticed it could be repaired. 10/10 would totally recommend.

Our Basic Services

Sammamish Garage Doors understands the value of your time, that’s why we make sure that your needs are taken care of in the first visit so you don’t have to bother calling many times over the same unsolved problem no one manages to fix. This will surely have you plenty of time and money on unnecessary visits. Here are our basic fields:

Garage Door Repair Sammamish

Sammamish Garage Door Installation

We install garage doors without breaking a sweat; we have been doing this for so long that you won’t believe how fast and easy our technicians can replace your old, useless garage doors with ease. Our experts are not closed to ideas on their client’s behalf, they are eager to listen to your suggestions and take them in account when mounting and designing your door.

Sammamish Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Service

To avoid you the trouble of paying extra costs because of not taking sufficient care of your garage door’s system, we provide you a service of scheduled appointments to make sure you can extend the lifespan of your garage doors.

Sammamish, WA Sammamish Garage Door

Garage Door Repair Sammamish

Some of the tasks you require don’t take too long; to make sure you don’t waste your time, we provide an express repair service to care for those little details that aren’t as complicated as others so you receive the best quality every time.

Start right away!

By filling in the form below, you can get in touch with our technicians. After you explain our crew what you want, they will be able to provide you an estimated cost on what you want, this means you’ll be taking the first step into having the garage door you have always wanted. Trust Sammamish Garage door Service with your ideas and opinions.

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